Wealth Management – Family Office

RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati assists the owners or managers of family businesses and family offices advising on multi-generational family business and protection of the unity of the family assets, in the following fields:

  • mapping the family assets and advice to the head-of- -the-family on the allocation of the family assets among the various members, by last will or donations
  • identification of the legal tools to protect the family assets (trusts, entrustment agreements, deeds pursuant to Section 2645-ter of the Italian Civil Code)
  • selection of the legal tools, at MOA and/or shareholders’ agreements level, to plan the inter-generational ownership change of the family business, by establishing a family holding (in the form of a s.a.p.a. or s.s. too), with  subsequent formation of the family company and arrangement of tailor-made By-laws and shareholders’ agreements
  • assistance in the execution of family business agreements and  sundry family governance agreements for  trans-generational continuity
  • identification of the legal structures to implement the investment decisions in works-of-art or prestigious properties
  • assistance for charity activities, by establishing family foundations
  • identification of legal structures to foster the participation in co-investment transactions, by using the family savings in entrepreneurial initiatives (‘business angels’, ‘venture capital’, ‘family-and-friends’ operations, etc.).

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