Labour & Industrial Relations Law

RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati provides qualified and accurate assistance and advice in different fields of labour law. RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati specialises in this field thanks to a solid experience gained throughout years of activity, representing national and international clients (primary industrial and commercial operators) in the management of their companies and businesses in Italy and abroad.

The RASS professionals working in labour law can help clients both in day-to-day operation and with extraordinary transactions by providing an extensive range of customised services in all fields of labour law.

As regards labour law & industrial relations, RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati specialises in the management of labour aspects connected to the following:

  • All acts for HR management (disciplinary letters or dismissal letters, related claims, interpretation of legal standards and contractual clauses, transfer of business, modification of assignments, career advancements, bonuses, premiums, etc.)
  • Corporate restructuring and redundancy management procedures (outsourcing, management of company or business transfers, mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions, collective lay-offs, unemployment benefits, etc.)
  • Assistance in drafting contracts (subordinated and/or autonomous labour contracts; agreements for special and/or atypical works, i.e. part-time, term or collaboration work agreements; agency agreements )
  • Litigation (dismissals, accident at works, disputes related to work and agency relations, management of trade-union disputes, management of inspection and welfare disputes, i.e. oppositions to tax notices and/or social security contributions)
  • Industrial relations (management of trade-union issues, aided management of union issues and litigation, assistance during collective negotiations/bargaining at company and/or ministerial level)
  • The management of expatriates (expatriation to/from abroad, expatriation agreements and letters from Italy and abroad, fulfilment of requirements connected to the management of expatriates from Italy to abroad and from abroad to Italy, achievement of the permits required for extra-EU employees, specialised staff and senior executives to enter the national territory and work)
  • Corporate training: refresh activities, internal training and seminars for clients on the main legislative, labour law and regulatory news through planned, dedicated regular meetings
  • Unfair competition (actions in case of unfair competition pursuant to the provisions of art. 2598 of the Italian Civil Code, assistance during the assessment of unfair competition elements, management of possible urgent matters)
  • Negotiation of the top managers’ work relations upon their hiring and termination, on behalf of both the Company or the top manager
  • General agreements and drawing up of confidentiality and non-competition agreements and of agreements with minimum guaranteed duration, and management of the related disputes (breach of the agreement, unfair competition acts, employees’ dismissal, etc.)
  • Drawing up of corporate regulations and policies, integrative agreements and corporate welfare
  • Drawing up of incentive and stock-option plans
  • Safety in the workplace.

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