Administrative Law

RASS Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati provides clients with legal assistance and advice in the field of Administrative Law, which is more and more characterised by State/Citizen – State/Companies relationships  where the Public Administration acts as private party, and by the constant ‘interference’ of the European Union legislation in the national administrative system.

The Firm can assists cients on different issues related to:

  • Public contracts (including tenders for public works, services and supplies)
  • The Public Administration’s liability towards private third parties for material and regulatory activities
  • Urban planning
  • Building sector
  • Pollution and waste disposal
  • Environmental protection
  • Organization of public and private assets subject to public constraints.

In the field of Administrative Law, the Firm has accrued a specific expertise in the advice and assistance to mixed and/or public companies managing local and instrumental public services, related to:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Gas
  • Wastes
  • Taxes
  • Transportation system
  • Parking spaces
  • Sport
  • Pharmacies
  • Management of municipal property assets
  • Management of public green spaces and road maintenance.

In this view, the Firm has been receiving assignments by public companies to update the governance system in the light of the reformed corporate law and to reorganize public services (integrated water services, waste management services, transportation, gas and energy distribution and sale, management of sports centres, management of pharmacies and management of public green areas) according to the TUEL regulations, the Environmental code and the industrial and/or regional regulations.

In this context, the RASS professionals are constantly updated on the EU issues under the umbrella of the competition field and related to the liberalization of the same public services and the in-house procedures for allocation.

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