Commercial Agreements

RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati provides qualified and accurate assistance and advice during the negotiation, drafting and execution of a wide range of commercial agreements, in various business fields, at both national and international level.

The types of agreements for which the Firm provides assistance include:

  • Distribution, agency, franchising, sales agreements
  • Tender, procurement, subcontracting, supply agreements
  • Factoring and leasing agreements  
  • Agreements for collaboration between companies (i.e. joint-venture agreements, participatory associations, consortia, Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding)
  • Rental and property sale-and-purchase agreements
  • Agreements for the transfer of companies or company part of business, business rental
  • Licence agreements for brands, patents and other intellectual property rights
  • Leasing, factoring, credit assignment agreements
  • NDAs and confidentiality agreements


IT contracts: IT, ICT and Digital Services

In addition, the Firm also boasts a solid experience in the sector of IT contracts acquired by assisting throughout the decades primary national and international companies operating in the IT, ICT and digital services sector (Digital Advertising and Web Marketing), such as:

  • Licence agreements, Software maintenance, development and marketing Software
  • SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and ASP (Application Service Providing)
  • Contracts for digital services (SEO, SEA, SEM, Digital Intelligence & Marketing)
  • Escrow agreements (trust deposit of source codes)
  • Agreements to maintain and manage websites
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Legal assistance on web marketing campaigns
  • Strategic legal advice in the management of profiling activities, collection and transfer of personal data to third parties
  • Privacy, management of cookies and of commercial communications, also through the use of social media

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