Business Reorganizations & Crisis

RASS – Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati helps companies in crisis in defining the most effective tools for crisis and insolvency regulation and negotiated crisis settlement, including advice and assistance in the following fields:

  • in alternative instruments to judicial liquidation or controlled liquidation of the over-indebted for so-called minor enterprises;
  • in the certified recovery plan and in agreements in execution of certified recovery plans;
  • in debt restructuring agreements, including facilitated and/or extended effectiveness;
  • in the moratorium agreement;
  • in settlement agreements on tax and contribution debts;
  • in the composition agreement as a going concern and in the mixed arrangement agreement;
  • in the liquidation arrangement, simplified arrangement and judicial liquidation;
  • in the restructuring plan subject to homologation;
  • in favor of the entrepreneur, commissioners, liquidators also in connection with liability judicial claims, compensation judgments and prejudicial acts.

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